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Pilgrimage to La Vang - Rooster church - Tra Kieu


Dear Linh,


I want to thank you on behalf of my friends for a wonderful, planned and good food holiday.

All of us are so happy with the timetable and of course, Vietnamese food is so delicious.

Now they want me to plan for another one and I am thinking of Hanoi as Air Asia flies to Hanoi.  I will need you to help me again when I am seriously looking into Hanoi end of the year.  

Do keep me informed of the situation. 

Father said to thank you for the lovely presents!



Agnes & party from Malaysia

Email: agnesloh12@yahoo.com



MALAYSIA  / agnesloh12@yahoo.com  / 2013-04-22
Best of travel

A truly terrific tour. We appreciated your travel company. Your tour guide, Mr. Huy was incomparable. We feel we had many experiences which would have been denied us had we tried to see Vietnam on our own. Your services are so great. Thank you..

Sophie Barrow - England

UNITED KINGDOM  / 2013-02-28
Greetings from Hong Kong

Dear Mr. Linh Tran,

I have already come back to Hong Kong. 

I was also very nice to meet you. Your arrangments made me visit Hue smoothly and transferred me to visit Hoi An safely.

One the whole,  I could be able to have been the places that I found interested in in Hue with your assistance. Thanks very much. I am sure I would ask your help again when I am in Hue in the future, and I would also recommend your company to anyone I know if they want to travel Vietnam.

Best wishes,

John Lee Pak Tsun from Hong Kong 

Email: jlpt69@hotmail.com



HONG KONG  / jlpt69@hotmail.com  / 2012-08-01
Thank you.

Dear Mr Linh, 

Thanks for your service for this few days. 

It was better than what we expected. Good hotel, good guide and good driver. 


Email: dainasoh@gmail.com


MALAYSIA  / dainasoh@gmail.com  / 2012-05-30
Demilitarized zone tour

Dear Mr Linh
Thank you for your help with our travel in Hue. We had a wonderful tour of the DMZ yesterday
Are you able to confirm our flights to Hanoi and arrange boarding passes for us? See message below
I will visit your shop around 12.30pm today to see you
Many thanks
Rebecca Reay and party - Australia
From: reay@netspeed.com.au  or


AUSTRALIA  / reay@netspeed.com.au  / 2011-10-05
Bọn em rất hài lòng với công ty du lịch Việt Linh

Chào anh Linh,

Cảm ơn anh cùng các anh chị em trong công ty du lịch Việt Linh đã tổ chức tốt đẹp cho lần đi chơi vừa qua của gia đinh em. Thật ấn tượng khi bọn em được nghe ca Huế trên sông Hương, được mặc áo vua chúa triều Nguyễn và lại được ngồi trên ngai vàng nữa. Do điều kiện không cho phép bọn em lưu lại Huế lâu mà phải quay về lại Hà Nội để làm việc. Bọn em hi vọng năm đến sắp xếp để có nhiều thời gian hơn và sẽ nhờ anh giúp nhiều dịch vụ tour tuyến và cũng hi vọng được gặp lại anh.

Gửi đến anh lời chào trân trọng nhất!

Quỳnh Hoa

VIET NAM  / 2011-03-08
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