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Religious Holidays

Vietnam possesses a rich mixture of religions, which reflects the influence of many cultures. Among major religions in Vietnam, there are six official ones: Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam, Protestantism, and two indigenous religious traditions emerging during the colonial period, Cao Dai and Hoa Hao. In addition, Hinduism is also a prevailing religion followed by the Cham ethnic minority in the Southern Vietnam. According to the constitution, every Vietnamese citizen is given the freedom of religion, but their right is often constrained, particularly with regard to any religious activities that could become a forum for dissent. Each religion with its particular practice and rituals not only makes Vietnamese spiritual life more colorful and unique but also has a profound impact on the people as well as their culture.

Phat Diem Cathedral
Duration: 1 day(s) - 0 night(s))
Routes: Ha Noi - Phat Diem Cathedral - Tam Coc Caves - Ha Noi
Phat Diem cathedral in Ninh Binh was built between 1875 and 1899. Phat Diem cathedral is also the centre of the Catholicism of the North. The uniqueness of the cathedral is that it contains so much of the ancient Vietnamese architectural elements which make this cathedral look more like a Buddhist pagoda instead of a church. This building is...
La Vang Holy Land
Duration: 1 day(s) - 0 night(s))
Routes: Hue - Quang Tri - La Vang - Hue
La Vang Holy Land is a national shrine located in Hai Lang district, Quang Tri Province. Christians believe that Mary shows flexibility in this area in 1798 and a church was erected near the three banyan tree, where the apparitions and this is an important place of pilgrimage of Catholics Vietnam. La Vang Holy was awarded by Vatican Holy...
Cao Dai Temple
Duration: 1 day(s) - 0 night(s))
Routes: Saigon - Tay Ninh - Cao Dai - Saigon
Just outside Tay Ninh and 60 miles northwest of Ho Chi Minh City ( Saigon ) is the Great Temple or Holy See, the center of the intriguing Cao Dai sect. Cao Dai is a syncretist Vietnamese religious movement that incorporates aspect of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and even Catholicism.The Cao Dai Temple ( as it is more commonly known...
Northern Vietnam Catholic Tour
Duration: 5 day(s) - 4 night(s))
Routes: Ha Noi - Ha Long Bay - Tam Coc - Ha Noi
This Northern Vietnam catholic tour takes the catholic travelers to discover the natural beauty of Vietnam and enjoy many interesting activities there. Not only can catholic travelers explore the rich tradition of Hanoi in legend, literature, music and poetry but also have a chance to see the hundreds of karsts limestone islets in the Northern Vietnam as a tour...
Central Vietnam Catholic Tour
Duration: 5 day(s) - 4 night(s))
Routes: Danang - Hue - La Vang - Hoi An - Danang
Our Central Vietnam Catholic tour is offered Catholic travelers the chance to visit the Central Vietnam Heritage Site as Hue – Danang – Hoi An. The purpose of this Catholic tour brings the Catholic travelers known more about the culture, history thousand years and the daily life of local people of Central Vietnam.
Southern Vietnam Catholic Tour
Duration: 5 day(s) - 4 night(s))
Routes: Saigon - City Tour - Cu Chi Tunnel - Vung Tau - My Tho
Southern Vietnam Catholic tour is arranged for Catholic tourists whom would like to travel in the Southern Vietnam. Our Catholic tour is including a visit the bustling Saigon City, the underground network Cu Chi Tunnels, a tranquil beach Vung Tau and an amazing cruise on Mekong Delta River in Vietnam
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